Heart in Hand Talisman

Heart in Hand Talisman

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The Heart in Hand Talisman encourages the wearer to wear their heart on their sleeve.

The phrase originates from a tradition of the King’s Court during the medieval period, when knights would fight on horseback, jousting with a lance. If a knight chose to joust in order to defend the honour of the woman he loved, then he would show his loyalty to her by tying a handkerchief in her “colours” around his arm on the sleeve of his shirt or tunic. This explains the meaning of the phrase today – the idea of metaphorically showing the “heart” in a place as visible as a sleeve means that this person displays their emotions truthfully.

Part of our signature pendant collection.

Pendant is fully detachable and can be added to any existing necklace.



Product Code: P1597

9K Yellow Gold

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